[3830] WAE CW N9RV Single Op HP

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Sun Aug 15 20:09:20 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: N9RV
Operator(s): N9RV
Station: N9RV

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): ~18

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   81          26
   40:  197          30
   20:  270          37
   15:  334          38
   10:   19    10      
Total:  901   897   141  Total Score = 654,472

Club: Texas DX Society


No way to do this full time, although conditions were so good I wish I could
have.  Friday night 80m was very good.  Noise was down and I could actually
hear.  15m on Sunday was also very good.  Very loud signals all day long.  Have
no idea how Saturday was because we were visiting our kid in college.

Europeans are great CW operators!  Nice to see so many friends.  CU this season
in the WW.

  - Pat

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