[3830] WAE CW G3TXF Single Op HP

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Sun Aug 15 20:36:56 EDT 2004

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: G3TXF
Operator(s): G3TXF
Station: G3TXF

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Weybridge, Surrey
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   28    37    60
   40:   64   198    84
   20:  108   400    82
   15:  105   280    72
   10:   14     0    22
Total:  319   915   320  Total Score = 394,880



It's not the DX QSOs that make WAE-CW a fun contest, but the QTCs!

Despite Cluster spots from Southern Europe indicating the occasional loud USA
signal on 10m, only two weak W's were heard and worked on 10m from here. 

Similarly only one really weak JA was heard, but he couldn't hear me. Condx were
therefore pretty thin on 28MHz, and at the other end of the spectrum 80m was
crashed out by a high level of QRN. All the action was on 40m-20m-15m.

S&P'd the entire contest, never called CQ, even once!

Antennas : HF : Triband Yagi at 20m and Rotary Dipole for 40m.

73 - Nigel G3TXF

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