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Sun Jul 10 20:32:25 EDT 2005

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: K7RL
Operator(s): K7RL
Station: K7RL

Class: SO SSB HP
QTH: Camano Island, WA
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   0        9     6
   80:   0      113    19
   40:   0      318    30
   20:   0     1412    58
   15:   0       35    18
   10:   0        5     4
Total:   0     1892   135  Total Score = 774,360

Club: Western Washington DX Club



Congratulations to K5TR on a fine score!

Conditions leading up to the contest had been very good all week.  Just the day
before I was working EU on 15m until 3:00 pm local time.  Too bad the contest
didn’t start on July 8!   

Propagation to EU, for the most part, was very poor and virtually nil on 15m. 
The band was almost exclusively north/south except for a few stateside signals
like K4SSU.  20m was the money band, but nothing like the wall-to-wall EU
signals just the day before.  If that isn’t enough, the band almost died for
about 30 minutes around 22:00z as the latest solar disturbance hit.  All-in-all,
this felt more like a stateside contest, as my mult total clearly shows.    

I echo many of the comments concerning the low bands.  Low noise and good
conditions made operating a pleasure.  It appears 40m cw was the place to be for
DX.  The few stations that took the challenge of working SSB split had excellent
signals, so I can imagine working cw simplex must have been fun.

Thanks to all for the for q’s!

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