[3830] WPX CW LZ9W M/M HP

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Fri Jun 10 03:40:31 EDT 2005

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: LZ9W
Operator(s): LZ9W
Station: LZ9W

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Breznik - nr Sofia
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:  370
   80:  848
   40: 1486
   20: 2403
   15: 1721
   10: 1127
Total: 7955  Prefixes = 1199  Total Score = 20,643,183



It took more time than expected for LZ2HM to do a log merging due to his VHF
Contest activities and a fact that he is "brand new" father.

God was good to us - relatively dry weather during the days just prior to the
contest weekend. However it was raining "cats and dogs" during the contest with
strong winds and lightings. Fortunately no power cuts and antenna damages.
It is definetly an advantage to be in South Eastern Europe during the low sun
spot numbers as could be easily seen compairing our score with this of DF0CG
guys. Still LZ 4 SQR on 80m is equal to a Dipole in DL :-( due to lack of Far
East activity on 80m. Still missing new JA or BY contesters - we hope these will
become more numerous in next years to come.

160m - LZ2CJ
 80m - LZ1PM , ( LZ1ZD -part time )
 40m - LZ1UQ , LZ2UU
 20m - LZ2PO , LZ3UM
 15m - LZ1ANA ,LZ1ZD
 10m - LZ2HM

See you in CQWW SSB in October.

73 Wally LZ2CJ 

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