[3830] ARRL June VHF WD0T Limited Multi-Op HP

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Mon Jun 13 20:53:29 EDT 2005

                    ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Call: WD0T
Operator(s): WD0T, KD0S
Station: WD0T

Class: Limited Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 26.5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  218    91
    2:   22    17
  222:    2     2
  432:    5     5
Total:  247   115  Total Score = 29,210



This was an interesting weekend.  Jim- KD0S and myself travelled from DN94ti
Pierre, SD to DN74xi Cement Ridge fire lookout, Wyoming,  to do a Limited Multi
effort. We arrived late Friday evening to great weather, and WOW what a site. 
Elevation is 6600 ft ASL, and the site slopes dramatically from south all the
way around to the west and to northeast, and it drops 500 ft in very short
distance, and then there are LONG valleys sloping away from that point, it is a
GREAT site.  It is about 3 miles into Wyoming, so only a 200 mile drive for us. 

We set up Saturday morning, got 6/2/432 up by the start of the contest so very
pleased with that.  Didn't get 222 up until Sunday due to antenna and
transverter issues, which didn't hurt any.  We had the 6 and 2 antennas on a
single 20 ft tower,6 meters at 21 ft, 2m at 28 ft.  222 and 432 on separate 10
ft masts looking downslope to the south, each rotated with armstrong method-
mainly by Jim. Single yagis on each band.   Power wise, we had 500 watts on 6m,
100watts on 2m, 20 watts on 222 and 100 watts on 432.  

Start of contest was very poor, first hour ZERO q's, second hour 2 Q,third hour
5 Q's, etc..  by the end of the first 6 hours of the contest we had 36 QSO's, it
was VERY slow, being a 5 land QSO party until 0121 when W2VJN broke through for
the first of 120 E's QSO's to the southwest through the northwest, ending at
0426. It was a very good time, with excellent signals.

Low point of Saturday evening into Sunday morning early was NO WSJT Q's
completed.  Not sure what happened, but I didn't hear anyone, and my setup was
working fine the nite before when I tested it. My apologies to all the skeds I
did not complete.  Perhaps next time.

Sunday morning we began at 1300 UTC, with some local activity and FLAT band
conditions, we only worked 17 Q's from 1300 to 2117 when VE5UF broke through on
Au. This Au event was fantastic, it lasted from 2117 through 0152 UTC.  At that
point we had worked 40- 6m Au, and 5- 2m Au, with the best being with K7RAT in
CN85- EXCELLENT for 2m!!  I also worked my good friend, Joe, W0DB on 6m Au, that
was fun.

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend, which BOTH Jim and I were looking for, and
the site is FANTASTIC in terms of view.  We had rain, thunderstorms, hail, but
in all it was a great contest and weekend.  A few visitors even stopped by to
see what we were doing as they took in the view from the site. 

We ran all our equipment on generator and/ or batteries.  So, if we had poor
audio at times, it was because of low battery voltage on the Icom 706's.  

Thank you for all the QSO's, and will see you in future contests.  73, God

Todd, WD0T

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