[3830] CaQP VA7ST Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 3 00:17:31 EDT 2005

                    California QSO Party

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   50     0
   40:   36     0
   20:   39     0
Total:  125     0  Mults = 45  Total Score = 16,875



CW only again. Disappointed with less than half of the score in any of the
previous three years. Seemed too close, or not close enough... CA stations had a
hard time hearing me on 20M, likely with beams at 90 degrees from B.C. But that
doesn't account for being down by by more than 70 Qs on 20M this year vs. last
year's 116.

Tried 160M Saturday night but the inverted L wouldn't load anywhere. Sunday
morning I discovered one side of the 80M delta loop had broken in a windstorm
and was partly wrapped around the L's vertical section. Funny, the delta played
all right on 80, which as the only band I felt worked much at all for me. Also
played better on 40M than the twin delta loops for that band. Will have it all
sorted out and beefed up in plenty of time for CQWW CW next month.

Low mult total this time out, too. Seemed to hear the same 30 or 40 big sigs,
with nothing from the next tier.

Special thanks to K6AQL for seven counties. Super job on the road, and pretty
loud each time.

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