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Mon Oct 3 01:48:19 EDT 2005

                    Oceania DX Contest, Phone

Call: ZL6QH
Station: ZL6QH

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Wellington
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    7     5
   80:  154    99
   40:  551   280
   20:  429   250
   15:  457   203
   10:   33    23
Total: 1631   860  Total Score = 5,050,780

Club: WARC


In the weeks leading up to the contest, the ZL6QH team of ops and supporters
worked frantically  to have the storm-ravaged antenna farm back to full
strength. These Sessions of Hard Labour - euphemistically known as 'activity
days' - sometimes involving the digging of (post) holes and the smashing of
Quartz Hill rock!

At ZL6QH, the Oceania DX Contests are treated seriously. Ops who don't achieve
their targets often end up as Rock Breakers. Unsurprisingly, on occasion, guest
operators 'reluctantly decline the invitation'.

In all seriousness however, the OC-DX is the time when active ZL contesters
stand in front of the mirror, put their hand on their chest, and vow to give it

Having survived another spring storm on the night before the contest, all wire
beams were operational at the time of kick-off. In addition, an exprimental 160
m sloper and an 80 m inverted-V were installed, and connected up by a wind-blown
Brian ZL1AZE on the afternoon of the contest. Doug ZL2AOV and Wilbert ZL2BSJ
sensibly hid inside to curse at computer hardware.

During the contest, propagation was found to be _much_ better than recent WAE
events. We had good signals on 80 and 40 m, and 15 m was found to be wide open
throughout the day to the Pacific/USA and also into Asia. As usual, 40 m was the
most reliable band for us with excellent Eu signals on both paths.

Everything worked as expected. Mike 'Rock Breaker' ZL1AXG tried to slow down his
run-rate by nudging the computer reset button with his big toe. A shame he is
escaping to W1-land soon. A recent escapee ZL6QH operator is Chris, ZL1CT, whose
sense of humour and contest competitiveness were missed.

A recently acquired amplifier provided real drama. It was found to have arced
over. The tank variable capacitor looked as if a hungry Quartz Hill possum had
taken a big bite out of one of the plates. The amp was quickly retired and a
replacement plugged in.

Thanks for taking the time to work ZL6QH. Please QSL via ZL2AOH, bureau or
direct. We look forward to working you in the OCDX-CW as a multi-multi this
upcoming weekend.



For ZL6QH ops Mike ZL1AXG, Brian Zl1AZE, Doug ZL2AOV, Bob ZL2CA, Wilbert ZL2BSJ
and David ZL4TAC.

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