[3830] TBDC W3USA(K8MR) Single Op QRP

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Sun Dec 31 13:55:10 EST 2006

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: W3USA
Operator(s): K8MR
Station: K8MR

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: Ohio
Operating Time (hrs): 7

Total:  QSOs = 147  Total Score = 1,132

Club: Mad River Radio Club


K7RAT must have had me in mind with the plaque for "Top Score Single Op, High
power and QRP combined using 2 callsigns".  Sounded like fun, so that's what I
did, operating as K8MR in the HP category and W3USA in QRP.

I set up my laptop with the keyer output in parallel with the normal logging
computer and keyer.  For QRP I bypassed the amp and cranked down the IC-746
power.  I mostly went back and forth at about 10 minute intervals, mostly CQing
as K8MR and mostly S&P as W3USA.  I did some useful CQing as W3USA, including
awarding the best ears award to KX7M for calling in.

On a few occasions I called somebody QRP, and then cranked up the watts and
called him again with HP as K8MR. I never asked anyone to listen for my weak
QRP signal.

The noise level was very high - about S7 in the narrow filter mode - on
Saturday evening. At sunrise Sunday morning it was down to about S4. I'm not
sure if this was local QRN or just band noise, as others seem to have found
high noise levels as well.

With my 225 qso/508 points as K8MR, the combined score is 1640.

Happy New Year to all,

Jim  K8MR

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