[3830] ARRL Jan VHF KB8U Single Op HP

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Sun Jan 29 12:11:54 EST 2006

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Call: KB8U
Operator(s): KB8U
Station: KB8U

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:   99    31
    2:   92    29
  222:   28    21
  432:   54    26
  903:    9     8
  1.2:    6     6
  2.3:    3     3
  3.4:    2     2
Total:  293   126  Total Score = 57,330



I decided to make a part-time effort this time and run high power (on 6 and 2,
anyway).  I kept one ear on 144.2 and 50.125 while I worked on a project in the
shack for most of Sunday afternoon and chased contacts if I heard someone new.

Conditions seemed about average.  I heard a little E-skip on 6 when I first got
on but couldn't work any.  At least the power line noise was quiet this time
around.  I wasn't running full power on 432 due to the finals in my FT100 going
'poof' last summer so I was only tickling the amp with a watt or so input.  I
had to work harder than normal on 432 for the QSOs.  There's always more stuff
to fix.  I did get the 3456 xverter repaired and reinstalled on the tower a few
weeks ago when we 50 degree F weather so I was happy to make at least some
contacts there.

73 and see you in the next contest.

-Russ  KB8U

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