[3830] CQ160 CW VE2TZT Single Op HP

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Sun Jan 29 22:22:05 EST 2006

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: VE2TZT
Operator(s): VE2TZT
Station: VE2TZT

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

Total:  QSOs = 980  State/Prov = 60  Countries = 49  Total Score = 601,026



-Who, Thursday night was cutting and soldering, in the basement, 700m of  wire
to make a 32 X 20m radial system and a 21m wire T top loaded vertical (2X12m for
the T) ?
-Who, Friday morning was in the snow, with a bow, launching arrows with fishing
line over the 22m maples ?
-Who walked one mile into a 40 m diameter circle in order to spread radials
around the vertical?
-Who, Friday, after sunset, with a –7C temperature, was using a big hammer to
drive in the ground through snow, ice, roots and rocks, a 4 feet ground rod for
a last minute additional beverage antenna ?
-Who, Saturday at 5.30 am local, in the dark, with a light in hand , was again
on the snow because the wind had broken a too thin rope in the trees and the
antenna had lost 10 feet in high, its 10 feet of corresponding wire lying on the
ground (fortunately, the SWR came only from 1.3 to 2.0 with this new setup !)
-And at least, who, Saturday afternoon was again on the snow with his bow in
order to put a new stronger rope in the trees ?
I think you guess.

It was my first 160m contest and actually my first real use of this band (20 qso
before this contest in all my ham life)

My first impression : during an off-time, I called a friend in France on 20m /
CW for his own REF contest and I found the band so quit compared to 160m that it
seemed to me that it was a VHF local call after a 160m night !

Really pleasant contest and so human with its 30 hours of maximum mono-op

Some boring hours at 20 qso/hour during daylight.

One hour of good night time lost with the rope break and one other with computer
drivers setup at beginning had prevented me from passing over 1000 qso.

Many thanks to all stations who called me, especially the local ones (VE2,VE3,
W1,2,3,8) during daylight when the time is long or at the end of the contest
when everybody is contacted and new callers are really welcome.

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