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Sun Sep 24 13:49:31 EDT 2006

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SM3WMV
Station: SM2HWG

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Sika
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  109    33
   40:  370    61
   20: 1223    72
   15:   13    11
   10:    0     0
Total: 1715   177  Total Score = 722,514

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


This kinda sucked. The contest started great and I had nice runs on 20m. Hit 40M
just before our greyline and got the mults I expected to get, tried to move to
80...nothing. That was the melody for the weekend. Thanks to VQ9JC who was one
of the few successful moves, also V51MW, and a few others that I dont remember.
Otherwise it was just a struggle. When 20M was open the way it was up north I
couldn't get myself off it, I just ran, ran and ran NA until I was forced to
hit the lowbands again. Just after that K=5 hit and that TOTALLY destroyed the
outcome of the contest. I started the CW part on 15M and got some advice about
starting on 20M this time instead, I took that advice and ran guys like crazy.
The only stupid thing was that when the crash happened to the bands that
totally ruined any chance I had to catch mults on 15 and 10m. The only thing I
heard from the beginning of the morning was some SMs and OH run EUs that I
didn't hear. When I tried to run (DUAL CQ, 20 and 15M) I after an hour or
something got a DL, some 4X1, a UR and a few others to count for 7 extra
multiplyers from the 3 I moved from 20m on Saturday. I spent about four hours
doing CQs between the QSOs on 20M on 15M with a result of 10 qsos, 8 mults.

My impression after my two first serious efforts in SAC...it's a lot easier to
move mults on CW than SSB!

So to sum the weekend...
+ Great NA openings on Saturady evening and night, 500+ NA stations worked
+ Highest QSO number? Highest qso point average?

- 80M, sucked so badly.
- 3 NA stations worked on 40M who were LOUD, where were the rest?
- 15M and 10M = Blackholes, will be interesting to see how much guys further
south worked.
- Me not moving enough mults in the beginning of the contest. Tried a lot later
but too late when conds were already destroyed. I am too much of a rate freak!

Thanks to all that called, huge signals from NA and it's always nice when you
feel like a beacon!

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