[3830] FlQP W0BH/M SOABMixed LP

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Mon Apr 30 13:19:15 EDT 2007

                    Florida QSO Party

Call: W0BH/M
Operator(s): W0BH
Station: W0BH/M

Class: SOABMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:    8     0
   20:   10     1
Total:   18     1  CW Mults = 13  Ph Mults = 1  Total Score = 1,036



Enjoyed working FL stations while roving the Nebraska QSO Party from 25 counties
.. occasional S&P during slow times when FL was booming in which was most of the
hours I worked. Particularly enjoyed working N4PN mobile to mobile!

With modern log checking, don't be afraid to log a mobile in another QSO party
as a dupe when getting a second call from a different county. It doesn't hurt
your score and it would be very much appreciated on the mobile end.  After a
number of B4s followed by quick CQs I decided it wasn't worth the effort.
Thanks to those of you who did figure it out and got some rare NE counties to
add to your collection.  Sorry about not always sending NE first for your

One of these years I'd like to make it down and go mobile FQP .. soon I hope.
Thanks to the contest sponsors for another great event!

73, Bob, w0bh/m NE

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