[3830] FlQP N4PN SO Mobile+DriverMixed HP

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Mon Apr 30 14:02:29 EDT 2007

                    Florida QSO Party

Call: N4PN
Operator(s): N4PN
Station: N4PN

Class: SO Mobile+DriverMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
Total:  1638   184  CW Mults = 53  Ph Mults = 27  Total Score = 276,800

Club: Florida Contest Group


First time mobile in the FQP. Thanks to my friend Jeff (not a ham) for 
driving again. We made four wrong turns on Saturday...better on Sunday with
only three errors but nothing serious. We ended up in CITrus county on 
Saturday night which was a surprise and not on our list. Not a big problem
as was only two counties away from where we stopped for the night.
Bands were not good on Saturday and improved on Sunday. 
Most Q's was in COLumbia (which I started out first few contacts 
sending COL.), but we went thru there twice, once on Saturday afternoon and
again on Sunday morning. Totals: 71/27 cw - 28/14 ssb. Least Q's was first
county of contest, HAMilton. Only 16/12 cw - 4/4 ssb. We got behind on 
Sunday and didn't get back to MADison, but know Charlie, NF4A was there.
Surprise was working G4BUE in last two counties (JAC & GAD) on 40 meters
on Sunday afternoon hours before sunset here....big signal!
K5YAA and W8MJ seemed to be there at the start of every county change.
Set-up this year allowed me to switch from CW to SSB much easier than 
in the GAQP. 
After finishing in GADsden, stopped for a "real" meal and headed back to
Macon arriving back home at 11pm...
Thanks for all of the Q's....it was fun!
73, Paul, N4PN

Rig: IC706MKIIG w/small linear (started out at 350w but after a few runs 
the power would drop back to 250-300w). KB4ET has offered a KW Mobile amp
(draws 90amps) - that should allow me the opportunity to set the car on 
fire or at least melt an alternator!! Hamoholics - never satisfied!!  
Ant: High-Sierra Screwcriver
     Mag-Mount w/Hustlers for 10/15/20/40 (Obviously didn't need the 10/15)
Other Stuff: MFJ Tuner, Dell Laptop w/CT, ETM-9C Keyer,

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