[3830] CaQP NE6LE M/MCntyExp HP

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Tue Oct 9 01:57:27 EDT 2007

                    California QSO Party

Call: NE6LE
Operator(s): K2DI K4XU W7MT KS6U WS7N K7YLO W7YOW
Station: NE6LE

Class: M/MCntyExp HP
QTH: Modoc
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:   50     31
   80:  105    103
   40:  266    272
   20:  321    412
   15:  173     55
Total:  915    873  Mults = 58  Total Score = 258,912



Boy, it was cold this year.

We arrived on out mountain top in the Modoc National Forest about 1:30PM Friday
where the previous night's 2 inch snow fall was just about melted in the 40F
mid-day sun. Assembling and erecting two tri-banders, an 80m inV, 40m dipole
and a 160m longwire was not fun. After all, the average of the six-man crew is

Friday's overnight temperature was 20F. Saturday dawned clear and sunny and our
spirits rose a bit. Conditions were slow to improve. 15m was virtually dead and
20 was very weak. After 18Z 20m started to liven up and the rate picked up. 40m
was full of "casuals" and our very patient K7YLO slowly coaxed QSO numbers and
locations from the rag-chewers. 15m started to show signs of life about 1900Z
and died about 2130. 

We broke for dinner at 0130 needing only VE5. Finally snagged VE5MX about 0400
for the sweep. The evening hours were rather noisy and 40m essentially closed
up about 0300. Having only two bands at 0300 caused us to start on 160m much
earlier than planned and we were met with a fairly steady rate, probably
everyone else who was coming off 40m. The elders retired about 0500 leaving me
in charge of the night shift. That ended about 0130 local when the rate dropped
to less than 20/hr.

Sunday started about 0630 local on 40m and gradually opening on 20m after the
sun came up. the only short skip W6 stations we could hear had high power and
DX antennas - thus virtually immune to local callers even though they were S-9.
An alternate low antenna would likely have improved their scores and reduced our
frustration. Sunday is Sunday... a bit like SS, constant tuning the bands for
new ones and endless CQ's broken occasionally by moving stations from one mode
to the other or even passing it to another band.

22Z arrived showing just shy of 1800 Q's, considerably behind last year's
The non-operating members had pulled the LF antennas by then and we had
everything packed and were on the road by 5PM. 

No major disasters, minor Murphy, and everyone made it back home to Bend Oregon
in one piece. We just hope we all live to see another sun spot peak. That works
for me! 

Dick   k4xu

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