[3830] PaQP K3MJW M/M HP

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Mon Oct 15 12:12:21 EDT 2007

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party

Call: K3MJW
Operator(s): K3MD, N3GJ, K3RWN, WC3O, KB3OMB, K3HTC, KB3FXI, WB3BUW, WB3G
Station: K3MJW

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 22

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  RTTY Qs  PSK31 Qs
  160:   62     12      0         0
   80:  183    149      0         0
   40:  201    202      0         0
   20:  139    399      0         0
   15:   13     73      0         0
Total:  598    835      0         0  Mults = 135  Total Score = 252,557.5



Being the 50th anniversary of the PAQP, we decided it was a good year to try and
break our WES M/M record score set 10 years ago of 114,117. It was a nice
turn-out at the club both days and we had some really dedicated ops ready to
go. It's great to have veteran contester and former Skyview club president Doc
K3MD back in the Pittsburgh area. Doc stayed in the chair for hours both days
putting up some nice runs on 20 and 40. 
When not pounding out the contacts on CW, Bob WC3O was busy in the kitchen
keeping the oven hot and the ops fed with a fantastic chicken dinner Saturday
New hams Bob KB3OMB and Kristen K3HTC found out how much fun the PAQP is by
putting some nice contacts in the log on 15m. 
Dave KB3FXI dug some nice PA Counties out of the noise on 75m phone. 
Boats WB3BUW sat in on 20 phone for the last hour and had fun with the west
We didn't fair as well with the county hunting this year as in past years. We
missed DAU, CMB, CRN, FAY, FOR, MER, and NUM. We seemed to spend more time this
year running stations and not as much time with S&P. We probably could have
picked up a few more counties up with a little more searching around. We did do
real well on the section side of the list this year only missing PAC and a few
of the VE sections. We worked W3P a total of 11 times from the various
counties. We had no equipment failures which was nice to see. The only
bothersome problem we had was keeping Writelog networked between all the
stations. Running high power was getting some RF into the network switch at
times and locking it up. This is something we will have to work on with some
Thanks to Rich K3RWN for setting up the club for a 3 station M/M and getting
the network configured, and also Doc K3MD for lending us his bandpass filters
which were a big help at keeping the interstation QRM that annoyed us for many
years to a minimum. Besides some dedicated ops, they are what helped us to push
up a new county record score this year by being able to keep 3 stations on the
Thanks to the rest of the Skyview club members that pitched in time and
equipment to make our operation a success and Thanks to all you guys for the
Pictures will be posted soon on the club website at: 
http://www.skyviewradio.net    click on the Radiosport link.

73 from Skyview Radio Society K3MJW
George N3GJ
2007 K3MJW contest chairman

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