[3830] TBDC N6WG Single Op QRP

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Sun Oct 21 23:32:27 EDT 2007

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: N6WG
Operator(s): N6WG
Station: N6WG

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: Newark CA
Operating Time (hrs): 2:00

Total:  QSOs = 30  Total Score = 348

Club: Northern California Contest Club


I was only able to put in two hours, but I think it gave me a pretty good
indication of what to expect when the balloon goes up :-)

As expected, 23/30 QSOs were in the 1-3 point distances, 4/30 in the
4-6 point distances, and only 3 in the 7-8 point distances.  Nothing
farther away was heard or worked.  My best catches were BK29 (3688 km)
and EM69 (3123 km).

I added my 40m dipole to the receive antenna selector switch, and at
times it was my best receiving antenna.  At other times, either the main
TX antenna or my Flag loop was the best.

Noise levels here have yet to go down significantly, and the ground doesn't
really have its winter wet yet.  After a few more rains, the ground
conductivity should improve some here in Adobe Acres :-)  Hopefully, some
of the power lines will get washed and a bit quieter.

I need to refurbish my rotary tuned loop before the top band contests hit.
Right now it is a two-turn loop of 450 ohm window line.  I'm thinking
of making a loop from a chunk of hardline coax I was given to see if it
will make a difference.  I would expect a higher Q, but beyond that, I'm
not sure what to expect.

Rig: K2 @ 5w
TX ant: 50 ft top loaded vertical with overhead counterpoise
RX ants: TX ant, Flag loop, 40m dipole

Any way, looking forward to the new contest season.

73 and See You In The Contests
Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude

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