[3830] CQWW SSB N6AN(@W6UE) SOSB/40 HP

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Wed Oct 31 17:52:19 EST 2007

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: N6AN
Operator(s): N6AN
Station: W6UE

Class: SOSB/40 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   40:  239    25       52
   20:   85    20       32
   15:   50    17       33
   10:   21     7        8
Total:  239    25       52  Total Score = 44,352

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Another glorious weekend to study propagation, good or bad.  Thank you all for
the QSOs and the excitement!
I spent the first 14 hours on 40 meters single band.  Slept for about 6 hours,
did some things around the house, headed back for more at 00Z.  After 90
I decided things weren't going to improve over Friday night's conditions and
headed out to a social event.  Spent another 90 minutes around 07Z before
heading for bed.  At 21Z I came back to the radio and had a ball running mults
on 10/15/20 until the "show" ended.  Great fun!
It certainly is frustrating to listen to juicy DX calling CQ below 7100 and not
listening split.  But how ironic that we get so upset about someone violating
self administered contest rules and yet seem to accept the practice of
violating FCC rules by transmitting out of band to ask said juicy DX to "listen
up."  Confusing VFOs and thus transmitting out of band is, at least, usually
accidental.  Hopefully we don't take too long to realize our error, hi!

Conditions were frustrating at times.  A few zone 14 heard/worked.  IR4X, OK5
and two S5 stations heard but no joy despite many, many attempts.  Nothing
heard from zones 15 to 23.  Many BY stations heard but never listening up. 
That must have happened Saturday night while I slumbered.
ZS9X and C50C were beacons!
Looking forward to CW!
73, David, N6AN

ps.  I was on the DXXE-Full Vitamins team.  Felicidades to the plethora of XE
stations active to give you zone 6!

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