[3830] Commonwealth VO1HP Open HP

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Sun Mar 9 17:48:58 EDT 2008

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW

Call: VO1HP
Operator(s): VO1HP
Station: VO1HP

Class: Open HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs
   80:   71
   40:  117
   20:  178
   15:   18
   10:    3
Total:  387  Total Score = 3,985



Used SDC Program from Paul EI5DI...what a simple yet elegant piece of software.

Bonus QSO's
Total = 103 or 27%

Average points / QSO = 10.2

A late start at 1141Z was unavoidable and at midmorning the doorbell rang with
an unexpected visit from my brother and his18 month old daughter. Two hours
later the morning was shot....and Sat nite was spent at an early St.Patricks
Day Party....yes a good time was had by all I think.

In the few good days that we had before the contest I was able to repair my
80/40/30 antenna that was wiped out by high winds in Dec.  Was pleasantly
surprised at how well a 1/4 wave trapped sloper can work. 

At 1638Z I tuned to 10M to check the band and heard one lone CQ'er ...imagine
my shock when it turned out to be VP8NO all alone....the only signal on the
band. Nice strong signals on 20M around same time from 9M6XRO; VU2PTT and

37 - 3 Band QSO's
6 -   4 Band QSO's includng VP8NO
HQ VO1RAC on 5 Bands .. Tnx Paul.

Optg time approx 16 hours.  All night on 80/40 in terrible conditions was not
really fun....but I stuck it out trying to make up for lost time earlier!

Only 4 HQ stations worked....VO1RAC, VA3RAC, VA2RAC, GB5CC.  No HQ from Western
Canada ...come on guys lets get with it.!

Still enjoy this contest very much.

Log has been placed on eQSL & LotW.

73 Frank VO1HP

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