[3830] NAQP CW N1SNB Single-OP QRP

Jeffrey Demers jdemers at Wakefly.com
Sun Jan 11 10:58:15 EST 2009

Call: N1SNB         

Operator(s): N1SNB

Station: N1SNB


Class: Single Op QRP                       


Operating Time (hrs): 10



 Band  QSOs  Mults


  160:        24         9

   80:       171         37

   40:         42         14

   20:       136         35

   15:         44         14

   10:          6           4              


Total:        423    113  Total Score = 47,779








Fun contest.  Dale, WC7S invited me to join his team in the 11th hour.
I hadn't planned on running QRP, but what the heck? 


I don't know how QRP'ers do it and I would be remiss without thanking
the many great ops that copied my small signal.


I really blew it with my off time - as I breaked for 2 hours right in
the middle of the contest and surely missed many easy mults on 40.

When I finally got to 40 everybody was weak and the band was long -
California was loud while PA was inaudible.  Pretty strange.


Some highlights:  working CA QRP on 80 meters. Having NS, NB, PEI call
in on 15.  I was also able to do a little running on 20 and 80 with the
qrp setup - although when challenged, of course, I could not hold a


Low lights:  No 15m? I could work everyone I could hear, but it seemed
most folks didn't try 15 at all.    I don't think I had any 6 band or 5
band QSOs.  K4TD and K1DG on four bands each.              


I've been on and off active for the last 14 years and one observation I
have is that a significant proportion of the calls I worked I remember
working back when I first started, not to many new "big gun" stations on
the air.


73 jeff n1snb jdemers at wakefly.com





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