[3830] NCCC Sprint K0DXC LP

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Thu Jul 23 20:26:50 PDT 2009

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - July 24

Call: K0DXC
Operator(s): K0DXC
Station: K0DXC

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Jackson, OH
Operating Time (hrs): 0.5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  12      8
   40:  23     12
   20:  27     15
Total:  62     35  Total Score = 2,170

Club: North Coast Contesters


Antenna: 80M 1/2 wave dipole @ 40 ft
Software: Win-Test V4.0.1

Op time:
20: 13 minutes
40: 11 minutes
80:  6 minutes
Total: 30 minutes

Wow! Last week I broke 50 Q's and this week I broke 60!!! Maybe next week I'll
go for 65!

Conditions were amazing on 20, but poor on 40 and 80. My top rate on 20 was
180/hr for 10 minutes. Then it dropped when I went to 40, and it dropped again
when I went to 80.... I figured I was going to easily make 60 Q's when my rate
was so good on 20, but I ended up barely making it.

I heard a ton of mults on 20. I worked most of the stuff out west, up on the
east coast, and even a few close in stations too. Conditions were great with
lots of short and long skip!

I went to 40 and it was really quiet - to quiet. I made a few Q's but just
wasn't hearing anyone. Then I looked at the radio and saw I had the attenuator
on 18db!!! (It was from my QSO with a 60 over 9 K9MUG the other day). That cost
me some precious time and a few weak mults. 

This week my productive time was a lot better. There weren't many times where I
had only 1 Q per minute. I had a lot of 3 Q minutes and even one 4 Q minute! The
rate was good! Sorry to those who called me twice in a pileup. To maximize my
mults on 20 / 40 I picked out EVERYONE who called me in the pile. This worked
pretty well on 20 and moderately well on 40. I only had 2 pileups on 80 so I
didn't really put it into play there.

For some reason I missed W1NN and the elusive OH mult on 80.

No audio recording this week unfortunately. I missed SNS and was scrambling
before NSL to try to get my recording program working - no luck. Maybe next
week I'll have another huge score and get it captured in an mp3! This week is
my first time breaking 2,000!

Anyways, I managed to get my dipole fixed today - AGAIN! It keeps bending my
mast in half. This time I sneaked a guy wire in so it should hold tight. Now I
just have to wait and see if my parents find it.

I worked NO3M either 2 or 3 times tonight. That was nice. I haven't worked him
since like wk 6! WOW! It's definitely been a while, Ty! Also nice to catch up
with N9RV again and welcome to "Duck", K8DD.

CU all next week. Maybe conditions will be better then....

Cal, K0DXC

(BTW, I've made a few changes to K0DXC.com. Keep checking in the next few days
because I'm going to update a few of the pages and add new photos / details to
the "K0DXC Station" tab.)

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