[3830] TnQP N2WN SO Fixed QRP

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Mon Sep 6 19:31:41 PDT 2010

                    Tennessee QSO Party

Call: N2WN
Operator(s): N2WN
Station: N2WN

Class: SO Fixed QRP
QTH: Grainger County
Operating Time (hrs): abt 7

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs  Mults
  160:   21                    15
   80:  104     10             61
   40:  136     27             63
   20:   35      9             23
Total:  296     46      0     162  Total Score = 159,160

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : K4TCG, K4TCG/M
QSOs : 4
Points : 400

N5AU managed to work me on 4 of 4 bands, WB8JUI had 3 plus SSB, many other
three banders. K5LH was very persistent and stuck it out in tougher conditions.
My apologies NO5W for repeatedly butchering his call. Fumble fingers hear had
trouble recouping from botched calls at times.

DX was plentiful on 20, many OK stations calling in. Probably the neatest QSO
was with HB9ELZ on 20 SSB. He wasn't in the contest and kept apologizing for
his poor English, but was very talkative and was excited I was in TN as he
loves Bluegrass Music. The only German that came to mind was "Neine" and "du
hast mich", not particularly useful hihi. OK2EC gets the dupe award, but he is
definitely in the log at least once on 40. Rather do the dupes than miss the

Was tickled to be called by K4LTA/m and W9WI/m a few times for new multipliers.
In-State QSOs on 40 have been tough in the past, so mobile QSOS were sweet.
Worked NY4N, W4AN and W4NZ, no luck with with N4ZZ. The mobile pileups were
sounded killer at times. Many in-state QSOs glad to work them all, KS4X QRP was
great, and it was good to work Greg, K4KO and Dick, N4ARO (who thought he'd miss
the show).

Many thanks first to the guys behind the scene, K4KO and W9WI. They put in a
tremendous effort to keep this contest running smoothly, pre and post event.
Second, thanks to the team manning K4TCG this year, not sure about all the
calls involved, but they did a good job keeping the bonus station going.
Appreciate the turnout from, in no particular order, OH, GA, AL, NewE, CO, PA,
looks like some tough competition between the clubs. And, as always, thanks to
the road warriors!

Sure I missed some points and stuff, a bit road ragged as we're just off the
road in NY for a few days. BEAUTIFUL weekend driving weather!

No real changes to the station, the only different thing was the 80M dipole was
more of a V this year. 40 was the place to be, but 160 thru 20 were loads of

Thanks to all for the QSOs and patience and FUN!!


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