[3830] WAE SSB RM5D(@RL3A) M/S HP

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Tue Sep 21 00:31:55 PDT 2010

                    WAE DX Contest, SSB

Call: RM5D
Operator(s): RL3FT, UA4HTT, RM5D, RJ3FF, R3DCX, UA3ASZ
Station: RL3A

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   56    70    36
   40:  535   372    75
   20: 1133   910   103
   15:  294   440    86
   10:    5     0     3
Total: 2023  1792   753  Total Score = 2,868,930



Very good propogetion on 20m and 15( but bad activity from US:( there ). It was
first sirios WAE for our Team.

  Our Quad array :):
80m: 2el Quad USA-VK at 100m(Tube); 2el Quad JA-SA at 50m(Tube)
40m: 4el Quad at 30m(rq84), 4el romb at 75m(fixit to w5-w7)(Tube); 2el
Quad at 20m(rq74)
20m: 6el Quad at 30m(rq84), 6el Quad at 30m(rq83),6el Quad at 25m(rq74), 4el
Quad at 20m(rq63)
15m: 7el Quad at 30m(rq84),  7el Quad at 30m(rq83), 8el Quad at 25m(rq74), 6el
Quad at 10m(rq63)
10m: 7el Quad at 30m(rq83), 8el Quad at 25m(rq84), 6el Quad at 20m(rq84)

 Thanks for QSOs and QTCs. CU in WW RTTY in this weekend! We will be active in
M/S with still with call RM5D (licence processing with RL3A call...).

73's Yury RL3FT

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