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Mon Sep 27 21:59:23 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: VE7UF
Station: VE7UF

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:  304   590       52      15    13
   40:  655  1435       53      57    30
   20: 1250  3061       56      91    30
   15:  580  1215       49      29    17
   10:   23    58        2       7     6
Total: 2812  6359      212     199    90  Total Score = 3,185,859

Club: British Columbia DX Club


I was glad to have VE7FO,VA7RN,VE7AX and VA7FC back for another RTTY contest. 
We were glad to have VE7WEB and VE7WNK join us for the first time and enjoyed
assisting them in their first RTTY contest from this station.

Jim, VE7FO, had been working on converting the station's N1MM RTTY software
from TS850 radio audio FSK to 756PRO radio FSK while I worked on the radio
conversion and adding a second 80M 4 element full sloper antenna plus the
phasing and switching.  Jim arrived here Thursday afternoon and we worked
together on the in-shack equipment the rest of Thursday almost continously
until well after the contest started with far too little sleep time.  We got
one station working minutes after the contest started  but the 3rd station
(still only 3) was not operating until 1+1/2 hours later.  So we started the
contest in the all too familiar panic.

We were not happy to have a wind-rain storm join us at the start of the contest
and last until Saturday evening.  The station's 170 foot rotatable tower 10K RPM
prop pitch motor failed during the first night while pointed toward ZL land
which is not a good direction to finish the contest from.  Saturday morning I
found the only way I could turn the tower was with an air impact wrench.  My
air compressor has a small air tank and the compressor would not run with the
regular extension cord from the station so VE7AX and I made 15 trips between
the station and the tower with a refilled air tank to turn the tower toward the
US where it stayed for the rest of the contest.  That cost us lots of Qs. 
Otherwise the station was very good and we were impressed with the 756PRO's
RTTY performance.  My thanks go to ICOM for donating the 756PRO3 I won at the
BCDX Club's convention last summer.   

We did not work many JAs.  The EU openings on 20 and 40 were very productive. 
Activity was good enough for us to break the station RTTY QSO record.  Our new
operators caught on fast and made the whole contest a lot more fun for all of
us. Our thanks go to all that called.

73, Duane VE7UF

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