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Mon Sep 27 22:05:53 PDT 2010

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: AD4EB
Operator(s): AD4EB
Station: AD4EB

Class: SO CW Mobile LP
QTH: all over TX
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   103             
   40:   770             
   20:  1198             
Total:  2071    0       0  Mults = 144  Total Score = 935,672

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Score computation:
2071 QSOs * 3 for CW = 6213 Points
82 Counties + 49 State/Prov + 13 DX = 144 Mults
39 Counties Driven * 1000 = 39,000 Bonus
K5NA/M(10) + W5TM/M(6) + N4CD/M(5) = 2,000 Bonus
(6213 * 144) + 39000 + 2000 = 935,672 Total Score

Man, what a weekend!  This being our 4th mobile event, was by far the most
intense contesting I've ever experienced.  Best hour was 191 QSOs, which I
never thought possible for me.

First need to thank three people.  Most importantly, thanks to my wonderful
wife Melody, KI4HVY, for expertly driving and navigating us around TX for 2
days (750 miles).  Chuck NO5W for welcoming me to the TXQP, helping me post my
route, and his work to make this such a great QSO party.  And my contesting
mentor, Don N4ZZ, for getting me started and hooked in mobile CW contesting
last fall.

Setup : 2000 Pontiac Montana van (199K miles), Icom ProIII, N1MM software, 2
Hustler verticals roof rack mounted (Top hats for 40m and 80m).

We drove to Gainesville TX Friday night, and awoke to rain Saturday morning. 
Was cloudy and wet all day Saturday, with light rain at times throughout the
Northeast counties of TX.  Stayed overnight in Ft. Worth, and Melody enjoyed 
nice sunny skies Sunday for driving as we headed to Amarillo. Seemed like
better participation on Sunday, or perhaps it was better propagation with more
open country.

These QSO Parties sure do attract some excellent CW operators. New counties
produced pileups which were bigger than I've ever experienced, and was only
able to pick up partial calls much of the time. Everyone waited their turn,
which made it so quick and easy to work down the pile; greatly appreciated. 
Cranked my TX speed up to 40 WPM at times Sunday afternoon, which may have been
too fast for some, for which I apologize. 

Diet DL3DXX and LZ5R must have had ESP or some new tracking technology. 
Whenever I switched bands, or entered a new county, they were immediately right
there. You guys were amazing.

Top 12 # of QSOs:

KV8Q	36 - TU Tom!
LZ5R	33
NT2A	32
VE3KZ	32
NT5O	27
K5LH	26
K7ZD	26
K9YC	25
N4JF	25

Other mobiles worked:

K5NA (10)
W5TM (6)
N4CD/M (5)
N5DO/M (4)
N5RZ/M (4)
N9JF/M (4)
K5UN/M (3)
N3BB (3)
N5NA (3)
W0BH (3)
WD5IYT (3)
N5XG/M (2)
W3DYA/M (2)
NS5J/M (1)

DX Stations:

LZ5R (32)
DL3DXX (27)
HK3Q (9)
OK2EC (9)
SP5SA (9)
OE5KE (8)
DL3GA (7)
DL3IAC (7)
F5IN (4)
HA8IB (4)
G4RRA (2)
OK1AOV (2)
HA3NU (2)
HA7UG (2)

Missed just SD and ME, nice to have worked KH6MB and KL5DX(2).
Only ON and NS for Canada.  The VE3's were super loud, especially VE3KZ and

To all, thanks for making this such a fun adventure by taking the time to find
us and work us.  Hope to do the TXQP again, perhaps next year.  For those of
you thinking about getting into mobile contesting, you'll be so glad if you
take the plunge.

73 - Jim AD4EB and Melody KI4HVY

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