[3830] TxQP N8II Single Op HP

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Tue Sep 28 07:20:17 PDT 2010

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): ~14

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:   20     20       
   20:  251    289       
   15:    1      1       
Total:  272    310      0  Mults = 192  Total Score = 295,712

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Greetings from the TQP black hole (at least mid day). Sigs took a nose dive due
to absorption both days with Sunday being pretty bad; the mobiles in west TX
were weak to unreadbale the last 4 hours and all were weak for about 2-3
Upper midwest stations were crushing me in the mobile pile-ups and so was 
K3TW/QRP in FL. 15M never opened; both Q's were scatter with W5CT and NR5M. My
wife also had us scheduled for a family visit Saturday which took over 2 hours
in the evening, so I also took a generous hour lunch break to walk the dog
Saturday. Sunday morning the input SWR into the amp on 20M went near inifinte,
no amp on 20 Sunday and that band was the only game in town after first 45
minutes for here. So, all things considered not a bad effort, you've gotta play
(pretty close to full time) to win.

MOBILES ON STEROIDS is about the only way to decribe the level of mobile
acitivity and 200 more mults than FQP, a S&P nirvana! It was like our stink bug
invasion, too many in too many locations to possibly collect them all, Hi! It's
a wonder there wasn't a mobile to mobile collison at times. I took too much
time running on 20 SSB Saturday to the detriment of mobile mults. The first 3
hours rate was over 60/hr despite a slow 20M the first 40 minutes. AD4EB was
the loudest mobile here at times sounding like a KW with a beam, and a very
good op(s?). Very honorable mention goes to NO5W, W3DYA, and NO5W for good
signals. The mobiles out in west TX sounded like they were out in Hawaii much
of the time. 
Thanks for those 40 blocks of 500 bonus points, a record for me far exceeded by
others this year! 
Mobile Q's by the numbers (counties in parentheses if less): W0BH 27 (22) K5NA
24, NO5W 23, W5TM 21 (17), AD4EB 18, W3DYA 18, N5RZ 18 by and large lone wolf
counties, WB0TEV 17, WC5T 13 (11), N5TM 12, WD5IYT 12, N5NA 10, K5UN 9, KK5W 8,
N5ZKA 8, N9JF 6, KD6HWD 5, and several others less than 5. Many many thanks for
those dusty/rainy miles! I would guess very few of the counties were not
active, quite a feat!

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