[3830] Oceania CW VK4CT M/1 HP

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Mon Oct 10 15:30:29 PDT 2011

                    Oceania DX Contest, CW

Call: VK4CT
Operator(s): VK4EMM, VK7GN
Station: VK4CT

Class: M/1 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    2      2
   80:    7      7
   40:  324    225
   20:  395    233
   15:  342    221
   10:  564    315
Total: 1633   1003  Total Score = 4,513,500

Club: VKCC


I was pleased to catch up with Martin (VK7GN) during his holiday travels. We
took the opportunity to work Multi-Single (M/1) - a relaxing way to operate the
full 24 hours and get some sleep. We enjoyed excellent conditions on 10, 15, 20,
and 40m.
A storm passed by for a few hours before the contest. That wiped out 80m and
160m with unbearable QRN. I would normally expect about 200 QSOs on 80m.

The first four hours netted more that 100 per hour. We reached 1034 QSO's
during the first half of the contest. The second half was hard work finding the
next 600 DX stations. More participation from Oceania stations would help. A
little more promotion to Oceania stations may help. Nevertheless, our Oceania
contest committee do a great job and deserve full credit. 
I was impressed by the achievement of Vlad VK2IM working single operator - well
Our thanks go to all DX stations who gave us a call and demonstrated admirable

73, John

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