[3830] CQWW SSB KL7RA M/2 HP

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Mon Oct 31 05:20:40 PDT 2011

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: KL7RA
Operator(s): AL2F AL7IF KA1NCN KL2HD KL7RA
Station: KL7RA

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Alaska
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   35     5        4
   80:   77    11       12
   40:  738    29       78
   20: 1504    36      120
   15: 3335    37      137
   10: 3831    37      127
Total: 9713   155      478  Total Score = 14,767,257



Moved from the subarctic village of Two Rivers six years ago to take advantage
of the better radio conditions here on the Kenai and now can report, with
enthusiasm, the move, seven towers/21 yagis was more then worth it. Best radio
prop on all bands in the last few weeks then I have ever experienced in 40
years of being in Alaska.

Being the low band night shift mult hunter of the team I was a little
disappointed in 80 and 160 which didn't produce for us. Only bad luck as 80 was
runable to Europe for hours the week before and Ten was open to Europe at the
same time. 

But ten meters finally "worked" for the CQWW and I assume there will be a lot
of great scores as the band was packed end to end. 40 through 15 were also
packed and for us working Europe all day and night on these bands has been a
long time coming for our group.

The team was excited going into the weekend and it's really a lot more fun
working fast rate and finding never ending mults then the hours of running the
F1 cqing machine for 20 Q's an hour which we have done in this contest for

Next up SS CW. 

73 Rich KL7RA reporting for the,(especially well fed after this super contest),
North Pole Contest Group Kenai, Alaska

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