[3830] Rus DX S54O M/S HP

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Mon Mar 18 04:14:17 EDT 2013

                    Russian DX Contest

Call: S54O
Operator(s): S54O, S57L, S52W
Station: S54O

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Countries  Oblasts
  160:   115    12       33        31
   80:   317    87       48        51
   40:   450   154       73        67
   20:   528   148       69        68
   15:   319   123       70        66
   10:    59    17       35        35
Total:  1788   541      328       318  Total Score = 10,150,600

Club: Belokranjec Contest Club


We work RDX every year with different call with quite same set-up. This year was
turn to S54O. S57L became new member of our team, but S53F was missing due some
duties.  Even  a lot of problems  at begining of contest, we improved our MS
score for about 1,5 M pts. We managed to burn RX in TS590 on mult STN, and
replace it with FT897. 1 kW Home made PA on run STN was QRT at time to time.
After few hours and and many replaced fuses in PS, it decided to work till the
end of contest. On 160m we had some local QRN S9+ and we were total deaf. Also
some city noise on other bands, but quite acceptable.  RDX is great contest.
With simple set-up is possible to have average 100 QSO/h.  This is our
motivation for next year, because this year we failed with average only 97
QSO/h - HI.
TNX RDX organisers for great contest, and all others for QSOs. 
At last but but not at least, TNX goes to S54Os family for great hospitality.
RIG: FT950 + 1kW HM, FT897 + IC2KL
ANT: 3el ECO, 40m vertical, wires cca 10m AGL    

On behalf of S54O team - 73 Damjan S52W

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