[3830] 7QP KH6LC SOMixed HP

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Sun May 5 12:36:46 EDT 2013

                    7th Call Area QSO Party

Call: KH6LC
Operator(s): KH6LC
Station: KH6LC

Class: SOMixed HP
QTH: Kea'au  Hawaii
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   36      5       
   40:   40     16       
   20:   24     80       
   15:   48     47       
   10:    0     17       
Total:  148    165      0  Mults = 99  Total Score = 76,626



Enjoyed chasing our 7 Land friends around the bands.  Big fun!!!  My only issue
was calling for "7th Call Area Only" and getting a pileup of
everything but 7's.  What part of the brain misses that?   This contest arrived
at a perfect time, being a good distraction from worrying about our good friend
Roby NH6V.  Roby underwent 8 hours of surgery on this day, the result of a
bicycle vs Jeep accident he had on Tuesday.   I'm pleased to report all went
well. Thanks to all for an enjoyable Saturday.   Hope to catch you all in WPX
CW.   73 & Aloha, Lloyd

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