[3830] CQ160 CW OT6M Multi-Op HP

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Tue Feb 2 17:26:22 EST 2016

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: OT6M
Operator(s): ON9CC PC5A
Station: OT6M

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 31

Total:  QSOs = 1222  State/Prov = 35  Countries = 68  Total Score = 715,541

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


After a successful start of our top band season with the Stew Perry in which we
claimed #1 MS LP we were looking forward to the big league's contest without
any changes to the setup. 
- IC7800 + Orion - TX antennas: top loaded vertical (18m), dipole 
- RX antennas: 
              - reversible beverages: 2x 300m, 2x 240m 
              - single beverage: 200m 
              - K9AY
Our goal this year was to break a personal record: >885K points (2011 as
ON9CC) or >1300 QSO's (2013 as ON9CC).

In the first minutes after the start we noticed a problem with the ACOM2000:
ARC faults, when ever the ORION stopped TX'ing, even at 1W... During the coarse
of the contest we tried to find the root cause. The conclusion was that there is
some RFI at play that we will tackle the next weeks with proper grounding and
use of ferrites.

Just before the start some JA's were heard, so that looked promising. It took
until 00:43 before the first US station was logged (K1LZ)... After the fist
night we worked only about 30 US stations... not a very good start but ok, we
were above the 2015 goal line. Just a few high lights, 7Z1SJ and HK1R. The
second night was better also on the DX with A65BP, JH4UYB, B1Z, C6AGU, PW2D,
PJ2T, 4V1TL, FY5KE, ZF2EZ, CO2JD, XE2X. 108 US stations made it into the log in

To summarize although we didn't break any of our records we had a lot of fun,
the 9 beverages worked great, this years project will be to make a taller
vertical or inv. L for next season and of course to get the ARC fault error

Next stop: WPX RTTY

-- Aurelio, PC5A

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