[3830] NA Sprint CW G4PIQ HP

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Sun Feb 7 04:18:37 EST 2016

                    NA Sprint CW Contest - February

Call: G4PIQ
Operator(s): G4PIQ
Station: G4PIQ

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: JO02od
Operating Time (hrs): 1.45

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   4     0:10
   40:  55     1:35
   20:   0        0
Total:  59     Mults = 27  Total Score = 1,593




Nice to join in from across the pond. Plenty of very slick operating. Usually at
the bottom of the pile-up here which made it slow going. 80m signals were
generally very multi-path and difficult to copy at high speed with a few
exceptions from folks on the East Coast. It was late and I was tired so went to
bed quickly after arriving on 80.

Had a few instances of insistent use of NA NA after I called and one station
who said No EU. 

If only the Eu Sprints had ever had this level of activity!

K3 + Alpha 87A
Dipoles @ 55/60ft 


Andy, G4PIQ

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