[3830] 7QP N8II M/S LP

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Sun May 8 14:49:57 EDT 2016

7th Call Area QSO Party

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: M/S LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12.7

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    1              
   40:   40     12       
   20:  183    168       
   15:   39     10       
Total:  265    190      0  Mults = 163  Total Score = 190,547

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Welcome to the 20 METER 7QP, made 351 Q's on 20, an all time personal best by
far! Seriously, 15 phone was a wasteland of inactivity this year. You guys in  
7-land who were serious left some unclaimed 15 meter phone and to a lesser
extent CW QSO's on the table. My 15 meter Q's last year were over 160 vs. 49
this year which was less than 40 M. 15 was slow to open, but open to most of 7
land from 17Z until past 2130Z when activity died. Best 15 M conditions were
from 19Z until 2115Z. Loudest signal was W7RN around 20Z, S9+30db! The QRN
levels from storms out west were pretty close to the worst I can remember for
7QP, even 20 M was affected with S9 crashes around 24Z. Many of the casual SSB
guys with small stations were in or near the 20M noise level when at the same
time the big guns were booming. The K index had to be on the rise by the time
40 opened well around 0145Z, we had the crashes plus almost everyone had some
flutter and a hollow sound, but signal levels were decent.

The activation of rare counties is one of the things that makes 7QP so
interesting. It was obvious that home stations from the rarer ones were
encouraged to operate along with several expeditions. I worked KB7QPS in 4 OR
counties early on SSB and kept hearing them S&P on CW; finally they called
CQ on 20 CW and I added the 12 QSO points. Many thanks as always to the mobiles
who put in many miles to activate the rare ones. There were 2 in AZ (KK6MC and
K5CM) which insured an AZ county sweep after finding NI5L in GHM late on 40
phone. Thanks to N7N, I only missed HUM and ELK in NV. And the ID guys were
great: N7XU, K7TQ, K7TM, and WW7D who I missed a lot and was not spotted for a
long time. Obviously, more would be better. This year, many MT and WY counties
were not on the air. Mobile QSO's were as follows: N7XU-19, K7TQ-13, WW7D-13,  
  N7N-10, K7RE-9, N7WA-8, KK6MC-7, K5CM-5, and K7TM-5.

It sure would be easier to catch the mobiles if they had an assigned channel
like they do in FQP to make catching them easier. Quite often here they are
weak and in the QRM especially when the NEQP onslaught hits at 20Z. Even a
mobile window would help a lot.

I felt fairly loud for running LP, but even more 20M phone QSO's could have
been made with HP. Most of my 20 meter phone running was from 1945-0030Z. I had
some nice clear frequencies most of the time then and even had a nice CW run
early evening. I spent too much time on 15 waiting for things to break loose.

Congrats to all for a pleasant event (even with not much on 15). The overall
quality of operating was higher than most QP's. I hope to be back next year and
many thanks for all of the Q's and rare counties.

73, Jeff

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