[3830] CQWW VHF W3DHJ/R Rover LP

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Mon Jul 23 16:20:23 EDT 2018

                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: W3DHJ/R
Operator(s): W3DHJ
Station: W3DHJ/R

Class: Rover LP
QTH: DM77-78-87-88
Operating Time (hrs): 19

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  173   128
    2:   17    12
Total:  207   140  Total Score = 28,980

Club: New Mexico VHF Society


'Twas VERY HOT out there this weekend.
I believe the heat affected my effectiveness,
as I caught myself handing out nonsense grids,
logging totally wrong calls and grids, and
being ESPECIALLY wretched in my CW QSOs.
I'm sure my claimed score will get a haircut.
But, I believe this will be my 2nd highest 
CQ WW VHF score since I started rovering in 2006,
and that occurred in 2006 --- just about one
whole sun spot cycle ago.

I was glad to give out 3 rare'ish grids to so many folks....
Even made a County Hunter or two happy. HI!HI!

RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid    QSOs
DM77    72
DM78    17
DM87    75
DM88    26

RoverLog Score Summary:
Band    QSOs    Value   QSOPts  Mults
50      173     1       173     128
144      17     2        34      12

Totals: 190             207     140

Claimed Score:               28,980

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