[3830] AzQP K7V(AA7V) SOCW HP

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Sun Oct 11 11:17:02 EDT 2020

                    Arizona QSO Party - 2020

Call: K7V
Operator(s): AA7V
Station: AA7V

Class: SOCW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12.3

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:    1              
   80:  142              
   40:  220              
   20:  308              
   15:   19              
Total:  690     0       0  CW Mults = 86  Ph Mults = 0  Dig Mults = 0  Total Score = 118,880

Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club


That was fun !
Everyone knows you must read the contest's rules. In my case, I needed to read
them 4 times. I started out thinking mults were counted on each band. I was
CQing on 15M a lot hoping for a decent mult total. As it turns out, there was no
reason the leave the productive 20M run-band. 

20M stayed good until East Coast sunset when, as expected it slammed closed. 40M
is tough for me but kept at it and the Q totals slowly crept up. 80M was pretty
good from my perspective in spite of the bad WX in a significant part of the

The PA QSO party sure added a lot of QSOs to the log, about 12% of my total
contacts were from Pennsylvania. The Nevada and S Dakota QSO parties helped too.
The Oceania DX contest helped at times but through some frustration my way. It
was a challenge to get some of the OC Test CQers to work me. Several would CQ
for 10 minutes with no answer but would NOT spend 15 seconds to give me a 599

I want to thank those that did work me for a mult even though I dont think they
were aware of the AZQP, TI5/N3KS, ZF2MJ, NP4Z, HH2AA, TZ4AM, BD7DX, VE2CSI,
KL7IDA and XE2X, thanks.

Score above includes 100 bonus points for QSO with W7A.

Thanks for the contacts.

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