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<< The power output differences are marginal, so where is the benefit?
 Besides those 4CX800 tubes are in AB1 and require constant ALC attention.
 73....Carl    KM1H >>

91b manuel
IF EXTERNAL ALC is used, amplifier grid current peaks greater then
3ma will initiate ALC. At grid current of 5-10mA, ALC output is nominally
If the transceiver requires less ALC voltage, adjust the rear panel ALC
potentiometer counterclockwise until smoth ALC action results. Increase the
exciter RF  output
untill the red GRID LED just illuminates on voice peaks.

Ok so what am I doing wrong????????????? IT ALL SEEMS TO BE WORKING.
Let see I have the 91b hooked up to the FT 990 and I have a coax cable
to the antenna and a cable from thye FT 990 for relay control. I have the
drive level set at 40 watts for 1500watts RF output per the LEDS.....

BUT I DO NOT HAVE a cable from the FT 990 to the ALC of the 91b
So again please what am I supposed to be concerned about.

Please be nice I really do want to understand obe wan kanoobie.

73 de KR4DA Bob LAwrenceville GA

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