[AMPS] Alpha Amps

Neuman, Rick {ch1x} rneuman@pcs.bls.com
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 09:39:17 -0500

I know that the ETO 76 and 374 series amps have been discontinued for
quite some time.  While I was at Dayton a year or two ago, I stopped and
asked the ETO rep if the 77SX version was still in production?  I think
he said yes. Can anyone verify this? Isn't it true that the 77 series
included the 77DX single tube version and the 77SX dual tube version?

I have also heard these amps referenced as 77D as opposed to 77DX (and I
guess the same for the 77S/SX).  Does anyone know what the difference
between the letter suffixes? (S, D, SX, DX)  Also, for you guys that
have one of these amps (1 & 2 hole) what is the "realistic" power out of
these amps running wide open?  

I also have seen reference to an external transformer that  was used
with one of these 77 series amps, I guess it was an option to beef up
the power supply, any truth to this?

I see them for sale from time to time used but how much were they new?

How is the reliability of the 2 hole version, RTTY and SSB?

Seems that a 2 hole version would last a lifetime at 1500w out
regardless of the mode.

Thanks for the info,
Rick N4RF

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