[AMPS] Blue Color in an 811A

rdl2@igs.net rdl2@igs.net
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 16:26:59 -0400

Dale: I had differing and irreconcilable SWR readings (one on the radio and
one on the MFJ tuner)
until I took the low pass filter out of the line between the radio and
amplifier. No matter how I tweaked the caps in the low pass, even into a
dummy load, I could get get it below about 1.3:1.
So, the low pass came out and everything is fine now.

If you are using the automatic antenna tuner in the radio *and* the MFJ
tuner, try turning off the automatic tuner and using only the MFJ so that
they are not working against each other and presenting two changing

73, Rob

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