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Sun, 05 Oct 1997 11:56:33 EDT

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997 14:41:05 -0500 w5hvv@aeneas.net (Rod Fitz-Randolph)
>I have an amateur friend that has an opportunity to purchase a
>"Pristine" SB-200 for $300, however, the present owner (who has
>only owned it for 3 months says that "those that claim 1,000 watts
>output are not realistic and that 500 to 600 watts is more
>Question:  what is the power output (key down) that can realistically
>be expected from an SB-200 with good tubes?  Does the 500-600 watts
>the present owner spoke of indicate possible soft or flat tubes?

Hi Rod..just got back from the NC trip....280 messages in the que!

A 200 with good tubes and a stiff 240V line will output 700-800W with
100W of drive.  For intermittent operation this will not overheat the
xfmr. For contesting, etc, it is best to run about 600W.
With a new pair of Chinese tubes and 120W of drive I obtained 900W from a
6M conversion but that is really pushing the PS. 

>What is a good price for a really good condition SB-200?  Is the $300
>price reasonable or should my acquaintance look for a very good condx

$300 is the upper limit for one in top condx. I buy them regularly for

73   Carl   KM1H

>Anyone out there have a really fine condition (inside and out) SB-220
>that they want to sell?
>Your comments appreciated.
>Thank you,
>Rod, N5HV
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