[AMPS] SB-200

George M. Roberts kn4ab@home.com
Sun, 05 Oct 1997 15:34:56 -0400

km1h @ juno.com wrote:
> >
> > A 200 with good tubes and a stiff 240V line will output 700-800W with  100W of drive.  For intermittent operation this will not overheat the
> xfmr. For contesting, etc, it is best to run about 600W.
> With a new pair of Chinese tubes and 120W of drive I obtained 900W from a  6M conversion but that is really pushing the PS.
> What mods are recommended for the SB200 to improve efficiency other
than replacing the electrolytics and putting in a good set
of tubes?

  Can anyone recommend a good source for 572Bs?

Tnx  and 73
KN4AB    George

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