[AMPS] arc-tune cap.

JAY W STURTEVANT ren22@juno.com
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 21:47:41 EDT

Hello Everyone,

I managed to cause an arc between two rotor plates  and a stator plate on
the tune cap by unloading my amp. ( at about 1400 watts out) during
tune-up. I  reduced load cap. and then I heard the arc.

Upon inspection of the tune cap I found an  oxide(?) deposit on two
consecutive rotor plates and the corresponding stator plate. The deposits
range in size from  about  1/3 cm to 1cm-one deposit per plate. these
deposits are irregular in shape and do not completely cover the min./max
surface area mentioned on any one plate.  All marks are near the edge of
the plates and easily reached with an emery brd. 

Will these deposits increase the probability of arcing between these

Should I remove the deposits ---IF SO, HOW. (wile's fingernail emery

I am quite sure the deposits I  recognized are a result of today's error
because this is a fairly new amp. and this is the first time I heard an

Jay, K2ZT

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