[AMPS] Telephone RFI Radio Shack Phones

Vic Rosenthal rakefet@rakefet.com
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 08:06:07 -0800

brad roope wrote:
> Also are the K-Comm
> filters any good?

I am using a king's ransom worth of KCOM filters here (we have a home office
with a bunch of phones).  The answer is: they do work, on some phones.  But
there are some stubborn ones for which they do not work.  I finally put the
worst one on my own desk, since I can't be at work and on the air at the same
time.  My XYL is *very* sensitive to telephone RFI and I haven't heard a peep
from her since I installed the filters (I use up to 900w output on HF, although
reducing the power never seemed to help much).

The filters are pretty expensive.  I suggest buying them one at a time and
seeing if they work.  I too would like to see a list of RFI-free phones.

Vic, K2VCO
Fresno CA

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