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Wed, 06 May 1998 21:51:43 EDT

On Tue, 5 May 98 22:17:33 -0500 Jon Ogden <jono@webspun.com> writes:
>>>Ok Carl, I have asked SEVERAL other times for theories for YOUR view 
>>>things, but haven't gotten any. 
>>Like what?  I'm not the EE who keeps asking questions but never 
>>any answers of his own.  I've explained my beliefs on parasitics, 
>>arcing and gas arcs enough times. I see no need to keep repeating 
>Uh..no you haven't.  I have asked you several time to explain the 
>Point effect or Gas Discharge theory for tubes.

I can find no such request in my file.... Anyway since you mentioned the
Rocky Point effect...a term I've NEVER used..I would consider the
possibility that you have already read the answer. John and Dick have
both explained this effect in detail. 

  I have made several 
>requests for this.  I am curious as to why the filaments get bent.  


>that I really care since I don't own any 3-500Z's but I am just 
>So, please help me to understand the other theories that exist in 
>addition to the parasitic theory of Rich's.  And saying that a gas arc 
>what causes the problem is not explaining the theory.  If a tube is 
>evacuated, how does a gas arc occur?  See, I am not an expert on tubes 
>and I am asking for some help here.  Perhaps you've explained all this 

I have and so have others. I dont care to do it again just to prolong
your misery and waste even more time on it.
Why dont you just ask Eimac if it is so important to you?

 OK.  Call me dense.  Explain one more time.  If necessary a 
>private e-mail would be fine.  You seem to think that I have bought 
>parasitic theory hook line & sinker.  I haven't.  Just don't know what 
>the other theories say.

They have been explained as much as any others...your reading retention
must be pretty selective.

>> I am perfectly willing to listen to 
>>>you say on these.  How can I make up my mind on anything w/o hearing 
>>>Just one thing Carl, Rich told me that in the 3-500Z's that he has 
>>>analyzed, he hasn't seen any carbon scoring marks that would 
>>>arc.  EVERY and I mean EVERY arc that I have ever seen leaves plenty 
>>>carbonization around the area where the arc occured.  So, please 
>>>in your theories how an arc can occur that leaves no carbonization.
>>Dick Erhorn beat me with the answer...I'm amazed you even asked that
>Well, maybe.   Although I do have a follow up question to ask everyone 
>this.  And I also don't think I asked the proper question either.  
>and I spoke on the phone last week and I thought we talked about 
>scoring, but I could be wrong.  It may have been something else.  So, 
>me ask my follow up question to Dick's reply and then I am going to 
>figger out what Rich and I discussed and then I'll ask that question.

Instead of continuing to ask circular questions which appear to have no
real purpose....again why not just call Eimac and talk to an engineer.
You give me the distinct impression that you wouldnt believe them or
anyone else anyway but it should at least keep you busy for awhile.

With my "real" job ramping up to 60-70 hrs a week I can no longer waste
my time playing word games. After a long day of working on 36-39GHz SSB
and digital xcvrs all I want in the evenings is a cold beer and a good

73  Carl  KM1H

>Jon Ogden
>"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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