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Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Tue, 19 May 98 22:45:23 -0800

>>>>> 2) Never met Ian, but the gut feeling grows that anyone who challenges 
>>>>>in the area of network analysis or any fundamental EE stuff has a real 
>>>>>chance of losing. Very respectable stuff, Ian - I appreciate it.
>>>>However, adding a bit of X to make one's calculations come out more 
>>>>favourably, undoubtedly gives one a leg up.
>>>The 200 nH is inductance for the anode lines to the blocking cap were a 
>>>guess by Ian.  So the inductance is less.  It still doesn't change the 
>>>mathematical principles.  Also, as we have discussed recently, the job of 
>>>the resistor is not to abosrb oscillations, but supress them.  So wether 
>>>the 100 Ohms is transformed to 1K or 100K by inductances makes no 
>>>difference.  The math still holds.
>>I don't think it will hold up on a Z-analyzer.
>So Rich, are you saying that textbooks are incorrect?  

I don't see any such manoeuvre in my text books.  Transforming 100 j+0 
ohms to 100k j+0 ohms by a single reactance is seemingly a bit of a 


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