[AMPS]"cheapest amp known to mankind"

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OK, let me try again.

Answers below.

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> My,My Dan,
> Many of the "Boys" as you call them and BTW I consider myself one, are
> not as fortunate as the National Sales Manager for Henry Radio in
> availability of Amps and Cash.
> Many consider "Ham Radio" as a hobby and not a business and like other
> involved in a hobby they have Other More Pressing commitments for their
> limited cash (the family).

Ham Radio is and has been my number one hobby since 1972. I am fortunate to
also make this my business and still be active everyday.
Nobody is telling you to spend anything you don't want to.
Try to understand this: Whatever amp you can afford to buy or build, use it
within safe operating parameters, both for yourself and your components. See
my original message below with the keyword "safely".
What part of this don't you get?

> Many have to do with what is scrounged, picked up for a "song and a
> dance" or even inherited from a "older" Ham and "instant on" may not be
> the most imperative point.
> I have played with "older" Henry amps and I find them NO different in
> operation or even construction then "some of the "cheapest amp known to
> mankind".
> As a matter of fact many of the "cheaper" Amps  had more Value per Watt
> and for sure  SIZE then the Henry Amps of the same time periods (lets
> talk about the Heath Amps).

Sure, and pressed wood is cheaper than real wood, now there's more value per
square inch!
If you can't see the difference between a HENRY and cheaper amps (like the
AL-811 in the discussion) then you have told us much about your powers of

When word gets out that it's all been a well played lie that for 36 years a
HENRY is "NO different" than cheaper amps........well I just better pack up
my tent!

> I see NO reason that Anyone needs to save for a "Real Henry Amp", many
> older Henry, Heath ETO/Alpha's  are looking for good homes for a lot LESS
> the what the NEW versions cost.

I said "real amp" (not real Henry amp).
How do you think you're able to buy used amps?
Somebody had to buy them new in the firstplace!

> Please Remember this is a HOBBY for most, and in My opinion its more
> important to spend your scarce cash on the Best and most Functional
> Transceiver that your wallet can stand, and then and only if you need it
> go and get a Amp.

I don't know what is wrong with using an amp within it's parameters?

73, Dan W7RF

> 73's and Cheers
>   Steve
>   oo
>  (__)         AB2ET
> "I bet two extra terrestrials"
> On Wed, 28 Oct 1998 10:47:01 -0800 "Radiodan W7RF" <RFpower@radiodan.com>
> writes:
> >
> >Hi Doug and the boys,
> >
> >I never understand why guys get the cheapest amp known to mankind and
> >then
> >want to press it for more than it was designed for?
> >
> >Use it for the power it will put out safely and save up for a real
> >amp!
> >
> >There is no shortcut.
> >
> >73, Dan Magro W7RF, (member SCDXC, SCCC)
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