Jim Reid jreid@aloha.net
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 16:50:36 -1000

> I haven't actually tried the faster speeds to see what 
>differences there would be in the final outcome. I usually 
>just leave the keyer where it was last.
> This would be a good test to try to see if there are any 
>end result differences (power out and where the tune/load 
>end up) with different dit speeds.

Ok,  while recovering from my "hunting trip"  this weekend
(for rare picks during CQ WW),  I will fiddle with dit speeds
during tune up,  then VFD readings using SSB modulation.
All into the Bird dummy load,  of course,  hi.  Maybe with
and without the processor;  probably best w/o processor.

Got a few brand new ones for me,  and missed a few also:
netted new;  5H3, ET,  EX, 3V8,  and 5H3.  Heard, tried
hard,  but no cherry from FP(signing TO0) nor XT2.  XT2
had the most unruly,  loud,  raucous pile of noise I have
ever hear.  Am sure it was a YL operator(or maybe was a 
guy with a tenor voice,  hi) ,  but she/he spent
most of the time being drowned away by the multitudes.
Have heard rumors 9U was heard,  by I never ran across
that one.

Will report on the dit results when/if anything interesting

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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