[AMPS] Eimac care and feeding

Mike Sawyer kc4slk@csrlink.net
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 17:02:18 -0500

I guess it my turn to throw my hat into the ring..
    I have Eimac's last or latest revision of Care & Feeding. Mine was
printed in Feb. 86. I haven't read it from "cover to cover" since it does
not hold the reader like a Tom Clancy novel. However, it is good when used
as a reference.
    I requested this from Eimac so I assume that it is the latest revision,
they sent it to me free of charge, (even though the back cover shows a price
of $5.95 {$6.95 in Canada})
    For Rich's benefit, they dedicated four pages to stability and
fundamental/VHF parasitic.  I'll probably end up using it for reference but
there is nothing wrong with that.
    Bottoms up,
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>Rich Measures wrote:
>> Why does "Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes need
>>to be updated?  Sure, the Class C stuff is mostly a relic.
>[snip, about minor errors]
>* There's not enough information about linear operation.
>* There's not enough information about operation above 30MHz.
>* It doesn't mention more modern tubes - even the 3-500Z came later than
>the book, and of course there's nothing about the 3CX800 or 8873-4-5-7.
>* There's no application information to put the principles into
>... and above all:
>* There's no information about anything that has happened in the last 35
>Eimac were absolutely correct to decide that C&F needs to be updated.
>I wish they'd now decide that the dream about "let's all do it via the
>web" has failed - and then either do it a different way, or not at all.
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