[AMPS] Filament Inrush Current Limiting

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Fri, 28 Apr 2000 00:58:19 -0700

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>>>>What about turning down the voltage, like to half for moderate standby
>>>>times (dinner). I remember
>>>>reading something in some broadcast book about the standby transmitter
>>>>filaments being switched to
>>>>half or less voltage as in semi-hot standby..
>>>I have a vague memory of reading something that suggested that running an
>>>oxide cathode much cooler than intended can lead to 'poisoning' or somesuch.
>>>Anyone fill in on this one?
>>Not enough heater potential causes the oxide coating to flake off the
>I can see that this happens if you draw current from a cathode that's too

Correct -  there is no damage until cathode current flows in an 
insufficienty heated cathode.  . 

> but does it do any damage in standby?

cheers, Steve

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