[AMPS] did someone say Tesla?

Conrad Farlow conrad.farlow@virgin.net
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 05:25:54 +0100

> Another good argument for VOA and all the rest giving up shortwave and
> going to direct broadcast from satellites.  I'd trade 'em the 1296
> band for a clear 40 meters, wouldn't you?
> 73, Bill W7TI

Well Bill as an owner of a 5m dish, preamps,transverters and a TH347 cavity
not to mention the years spent getting this lot together for my 1296 eme
project.I would have to say a resounding NO!

Mind you 40m is useful during the wee small hours of those winter nights in
between moonbounce skeds :-)

73, Conrad G0RUZ

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