[AMPS] BC610... no 833's

Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:25:01 -0500

The BC 610 was a 390 pound mobile transmitter using 250 TH final modulated
by a pair of 100 THs for 400 W. It was "mobile" because it  was part of an
army RTTY station mounted in the back of a duce-and- a- half. They towed a
10 KW generator trailer behind. My kinda station. (Actually it WAS my
station, more or less, years ago, including the generator. Model 15 Page
Printer,  14 typing reperforator , paper tape reader and all).

The ART-13 was airborne in the B-29 along with the BC 348 receiver. It used
a pair of 811's modulating an 813 and was rated as 100W. The Collins
Autotune made this radio a hAM favorite after the war. Monster PSU needed to
drive the motors. I used the ARC-3 VHF too, it was autotune.( Still have and
use a BC 348 P...interesting instruction manual, has a section on the proper
use of a parachute and life boat, as well as useful information on how to
combat in-flight fires!).

Happy Building, Geo>K0FF

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>> Wrongo Tom! The later models, (specifically the I model, which was the
>> last) and the when the government no longer needed them Bill Halligan
>> returned the old HT-4 label  to them, always had an a 250-T(L?) modulated
>> by 100-TH's. The BC-610 was later replaced in military by the durable
>> T-368 transmitter which used a 4-400 modulated by 4-125's, (Not my
>> I prefer triodes as modulators.). But they were never made with 813's or
>> 833's. Mike(y) W3SLK
>I wasn't sure about the 813's, but I knew they never used 833's!
>I think I might have mixed up an ART-13 with the BC-610. Was the
>ART-13 the rig with the 813 PA and 810 or 812 modulators?
>73, Tom W8JI
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