[AMPS] PSU program

alex alex@sandlabs.com
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 23:21:40 -0500

I've got to play with the PSU program... It has a serious shortcoming... You
can not change the component parameters to what you want, or at least I did
not find the way.
For example I wanted to change the diode bridge parameters to the ones that
fit my design
(10000V diodes at 10A) and could not do so. I had to limit my self to what
was hard coded in the included list.

Same for all other components ...

Am I wrong here ?

Alex, N2NNU
If we can accept the notion that GUNS are
the killers and not the people, why is it that
we can not accept the idea that CARS are
the speeders and not the drivers?

Alex, trying to understand the world around.


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